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Oreo Ice Cream Pie

 Oreo Ice Cream Pie makes a decadent and refreshing treat! It’s super easy and a brilliant make-it-ahead dessert + you don’t even need an ice cream machine to make it! 


TGIF! It’s finally Friday! The weekend is just around the corner and I’m heading off on summer holidays in just a few days! I’m super excited to share with you all my latest creation! The Oreo Ice Cream Pie.

I’ve had lots of readers tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the ice cream recipes I’ve been sharing and particularly my no-churn Oreo ice cream. So as you guys liked that recipe so much, I thought I would take that ice cream recipe and transform it to a new level of deliciousness!

Buttery Oreo cookie crust, topped with no-churn Oreo ice cream and then frozen. What could bet better then an ice cream pie loaded with Oreos? I’m sitting here writing this blog post whilst devouring a slice of this frozen delight. Trust this, I’m in total Oreo heaven. I polished off a good two slices as soon as it left the freezer – but who can blame me when you make something that tastes this good!

Me and my sister Becky made this pie ready for a family members birthday earlier in the week. I wanted to make something different to the usual cake. Birthday cake is ok, but for me it gets a tad bit boring and predictable and I wanted the bake to have the wow factor. So I remembered this seriously good no-churn Oreo cookies ‘n cream ice cream I made a few months ago – it’s was creamy, decadent and exploding with cookies ‘n cream in each bite! A definite favourite and I knew it was the perfect base for something even more special!


 It really is so simple to make, start by mixing together crushed Oreos with melted butter and press into a cheesecake tin. For the filling I just followed my own recipe for Oreo ice cream using the magic no-churn method. 4 ingredients, a little bit of whisking and folding and you’re there! Spread over the base and freeze. The next day, decorate with even more Oreo goodness, whipped cream and then slice up and enjoy!

If you read the blog regularly, then you’ll will have seen how much I LOVE Oreos?! One of my most popular recipes is this divine No-Bake Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream Chocolate Tart. If you’re an Oreo lover then you’ve gotta make that recipe soon too!

This ice cream pie is not only the perfect dessert for a birthday party but it is amazing to make and serve up when it’s too warm to turn on the oven – as I experienced this past week. We’re currently going through a heatwave here in England and it’s been way too hot for my liking! Wednesday was the hottest day in July ever on record, so this pie was great to cool down with. Also, a note to myself, do not photograph frozen bakes in humid 35 degree heat. It’s not a good idea, but the bonus is you get the devour yet another slice of ice cream pie!


Ingredients – 

Oreo Crust – 

18-20 Oreos or other chocolate cookies

75g (5tbsp) butter, melted

Oreo Ice Cream – 

500ml (2 cups) double cream (heavy cream), chilled

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 x 397g (14oz) can sweetened condensed milk

18-20 Oreos, crushed

Decoration –

  • Oreos – I used double stuf
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate fudge sauce

Method –

1. To make the crust: Crush the Oreo cookies in a food processor. Add the melted butter and mix through to combine. Scatter the cookie mixture into the tin and press down until firm. Place in the refrigerator whilst you make the filling.

2. To make the ice cream: Whisk the cream and vanilla until soft peaks form. Fold through the condensed milk, followed by the crushed Oreos and mix to combine. Pour the mixture into the tin. Cover the top and leave to freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight. *Overnight is recommended for best results.

3. To decorate: Once the ice cream pie is set, allow it sit outside the freezer for about 10 minutes to soften slightly. Now carefully remove from the tin – if you’re having trouble removing it from the tin it’s helpful to dip a knife into hot water, wipe and then run around the sides to release more easily. Finish by decorating with swirls of whipped cream and Oreos.

What Jessica Baked Next original recipe.

no-churn oreo ice cream pie

Now for a summer break for 2 weeks! I have one more recipe scheduled for sometime next week and then I’ll be back with more treats very soon! Have a great weekend everyone! 😀


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  1. Do you know what could be better than a scoop of ice cream? Right – a large piece of ice cream pie! Well done, Jess! If by any chance during your vacation you are around Toronto, could you drop one for me, please?

  2. Yum! You can’t go wrong with oreos and this is the perfect cold treat for a hot summery day 🙂

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  4. looks divine! feel like eating the whole pie all by myself, I wish we had the technology to take food straight out of the screen,haha I would have totally done that! Love it!

  5. Jess – Have a wonderful time this weekend! I want to make this pie. 🙂 It really can be adjusted to a person’s taste preference too because their are so many different kinds of Oreos.

  6. Holy wow!! This Oreo ice cream pie has my hubs name written allllll over it!! (It would have mine if I could eat chocolate!!!) This pie looks seriously delicious and SO perfect for all this hot weather! Love that it is easy (as pie) to make, yet looks elegant! Thanks fo sharing and hope you enjoy your holiday vacay!! Cheers♡

  7. Right, that does it! THIS is the recipe that is making me try this no churn ice cream that I keep seeing everywhere! I MUST try it, I’m just amazed that you made THIS without an ice cream maker!

  8. Oh yes, this recipe is right up my alley, Jess! Oreo ice cream has long been my favorite kind…and now you turned it into a pie. Sign me up for a slice! Nah, forget that, sign me up for a whole pie! 🙂

  9. I believe you when you said that this recipe is a new level of deliciousness! It sounds like been in paradise ! So good !

  10. Have so much fun on your vacation!! True, the only thing better than oreo ice cream is oreo ice cream PIE. Because, CRUST.

  11. This oreo ice cream pie looks perfect! Nothing beats oreos and ice-cream. They’re such a blissful combo. What a delicious summer recipe – I love it!

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  13. I’ve always had a secret crush on Oreos. I can’t even remember the last time I had one but I think I might just have to hide a box in my shopping cart so I can make this. It looks so good!

  14. Hello Jess,
    Please to make the base of the pie and ice cream uses the filling of the Oreo?
    Sincerely, Julia

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