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Pomegranate Lime Fizz

Pomegranate juice served with lemon and lime soda. A delicious and fresh nonalcoholic drink, perfect for the upcoming party season. 


This is my favourite drink to enjoy around Christmas time! So today I’m sharing a nonalcoholic drink that’ll be great to drink over the festive season. It’s not even a recipe because it’s so super easy and quick to prepare. The flavours of pomegranate and lime pair well together and no one flavour is too strong or stands out, they all compliment each other. Though this is a mocktail, I promise you, you won’t even miss the alcohol. It’s become somewhat of a tradition in our house to drink this fizz over the Christmas period, seconds all round is guaranteed!


(Makes 1)


100ml pomegranate juice

200ml limemade (or lemon and lime flavoured soda water)

Good squeeze of fresh lime juice (more or less to taste)

To serve –

Pomegranate seeds

Lime slices or wedges



  • In a glass, start by pouring in the pomegranate juice. Then pour over the limeade (or flavoured soda water). Finish by dropping in a few slices or wedges of lime. Also, sprinkle over some pomegranate seeds if you desire. Serve ice-cold.

Blog post and pictures updated in October 2016. I’d previously shared this recipe along with a bit of writing on having my recipe featured in BBC Good Food magazine in a Christmas winter comfort food booklet, after it had been previously featured in the magazine and on the website back in May earlier that year. This drink recipe was created as a toast to this success.



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25 thoughts on “Pomegranate Lime Fizz

  1. Just got my copy of BBC Good Food Magazine in the mail yesterday. Congratulations on being featured! Nice little Christmas present!

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your feature!!!! :* This mocktail looks like something I would be drinking a lot this Festive season and even serving up friends and family members!!!! 🙂 That dosa looks to die for! It is one of my absolute favorites to eat when hunger pangs strike!

  3. Love a mock tail recipe and especially with the silly season round the corner. A huge congrats on your feature, that’s very exciting indeed and no doubt especially well deserved! May 2015 be your year!!!

  4. This pommegranate looks so nice! The colour is amazing! Congrats again on your feaure! It’s a great thing! Love Christmas tree 🙂 Have a nice monday!
    Ps: In your blog is snowing! Love it!

  5. The HUGEST congratulations to you, Jess! That’s such an accomplishment. Totally one of those moments that you’ll tell to your grandchildren when you explain your massive success 🙂

  6. Your cocktail is beautiful – I love the deep red hues! I have yet to visit London so I am insanely jealous that you got to go. Congrats on your magazine feature – so awesome!

  7. Congrats on the feature! That’s awesome and so exciting! I have not been to London but your pictures look great, the Thames looks so grand! Thanks for the mocktail recipe 🙂 With everyone driving back home after holiday parties, I need this yummy drink on the dinner party drinks list!

  8. Congrats on the feature! And good luck with your assessments. This drink is just lovely and so Christmas-y. So nice to have an alcohol-free option. 🙂

  9. Congratulations on the feature Jessica, that’s incredible!! by the way dosa is not street food… it’s made in every household in South India everyday for lunch and dinner…and Dosa is traditionally made with rice flour & lentil paste [which is grind and then fermented] and not chickpea flour. maybe this was made with chickpea flour but regular dosa’s aren’t! 🙂 We do make a crepe with chickpea flour and that’s called “Besan Ka Cheela”.

  10. Haha, I love the snow falling on your blog! Did you make it do that? Or is it just my computer being silly 😉
    This looks wonderful. Well, alcohol eally doesn’t taste good, so it is wonderful with a non-alcoholic drink. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Congrats on your feature in BBC Good Food Magazine! It is such a great achievement.
    Oh London…. it’s still my dream city!

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