Eivissa: Exploring Ibiza

I’m sharing a non-food blog post today! I’m back after spending an amazing, relaxing fortnight in Ibiza. I’ve enjoyed a break from blogging to have some time off after passing my end of year cookery exams and starting a new job. Here is a collection of my favourite photos from our time away. We love nothing more than getting away from the tourist trail and heading further afield to discover the hidden gems – that’s always the best way to set about travelling! My mind keeps drifting back to the stunning island and I cannot wait to plan my next visit sometime soon. I hope you enjoy looking through my pictures from beautiful Eivissa!







I went and did what every foodie loves to do when they’re in a new place, discover and try some of the local food. We rented a villa and as I’m a chef I wanted to use the kitchen at the villa to cook lots of delicious dishes for my family because it’s often cheaper than going out for a meal at a restaurant. I was super happy to get the chance to try ensaïmadas again, I first had these in Mallorca a few years ago and I love them. The pastry is best eaten freshly baked from a panadería (bakery) and dusted generously with icing/powdered sugar. 


It wouldn’t be a trip to Spain completed without tasting some churros. Churros con chocolate are Spanish doughnuts served with a rich chocolate sauce. The churros are served freshly fried, then they’re sprinkled with sugar and then you can eat them as they are or dunk into a thick hot chocolate dipping sauce. Spaniards eat churros for breakfast along with café con leche (coffee with steamed milk) or Spanish hot chocolate. We got these churros pictured from Cafeteria Royalty in Santa Eulària des Riu, the café promotes the perfect setting to sit back, soak up the sun and watch the world go by.


Views of Ibiza Town 


A visit to the Dalt Vila (Ibiza Old Town) on the South East coast of the island. We braved the sweltering 40 degree heat to walk all the way up to the top to see some breathtaking views looking back down on the town and the deep blue sea.



Santa Eulària des Riu – a great setting for an evening walk and helado (ice cream) from Miretti which serves delicious Italian-style gelato



The villa owner, Toni and his wife Pepita have gorgeous flowers and blooms in the garden area of the villa. So perfect for capturing some flower pictures.


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9 thoughts on “Eivissa: Exploring Ibiza

  1. Love Ibiza !! I worked in Santa Eulalia for a summer like kids entertainer in a hotel. Your pictures are so beautiful and bring me such a nice souvenirs 😉

  2. Ahhh!!!! Your trip to Ibiza sounds like an ABSOLUTE DREAM, Jess!!! I’ve never heard of ensaïmadas before and it was so nice to learn about it through your post! That pastry and the icing sugar on top definitely looks DELISH! CONGRATS on your job !!!! <3 The views are absolutely stunning! I cannot wait to visit here some time!

  3. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated by Ibiza despite knowing next to nothing about it. So thank you for the virtual tour! I loved it and it looks like you had a wonderful vacation!

  4. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog by chance. I love all your recipes, so professional! Then I saw this post…Ibiza! Me and my boyfriend are going to Ibiza in May (Santa Eulalia). So, reading this just made me so excited for it! I have just followed you, I will follow on Twitter also. I started my blog recently, it would be great if you could take a little look. I look forward to following your blog 😃

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me lots of lovely comments. I really appreciate your kind words. You and your boyfriend are going to absolutely love Ibiza! The island is stunning and there is lots to do and so much to see. Santa Eulalia was our favourite town to visit in the evenings, we loved walking along the promenade and taking in all the sights. Also there are lots of bars and restaurants there so if you want you can stop to have a drink or a meal as well and there a good mix of restaurants selling different cuisines if you’ve eaten enough Spanish food and want something different! Plus the ice cream shops are fantastic – a little bit expensive but worth it! Glad to hear you’re enjoying my blog, I will take a look at yours! 🙂

      1. You are welcome! That sounds absolutely perfect to me, that’s how I picture Santa Eulalia in my head! When I tell people I’m going to Ibiza they just think we’re going clubbing, it’s sad people automatically associate Ibiza to booze!! We rarely drink, we go for the food, sights and sun…we love a good day trip out, and do lots of walking. Thank you 😊

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