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Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies)

Alfajores are South American-style cookies. These delicious biscuits/cookies are similar to a shortbread with their same buttery and crumbly texture. Traditionally these delicate cookies are rolled in desiccated coconut, however we love them simply filled with decadent dulce de leche.

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I dare you to try and eat just one of these delicious cookies! I’d never tried or made Alfajores before sharing this blog post, so it was all new recipe territory for me.

I tried one straight from the oven I couldn’t believe how good it tasted even without the filling, however sandwiching two biscuits together with dulce de leche certainly takes these cookies to the next level.

alfajores cookies

Alfajores originate in South America. They’re a confectionary usually sold around Christmas, however they’re also very popular in bakeries all year round. The cookies are traditionally filled with dulce de leche. I used readymade, however you can make your own by simmering a can of sweetened condensed milk, but a speedy shortcut is always handy!

To decorate, the cookies are usually just dusted with icing sugar, but they can also be glazed with sugar, decorated with chocolate or grated/desiccated coconut.


Shortbread Dough: 

200g salted or unsalted butter, softened

100g caster sugar

1 large free-range egg, at room temperature

1 large free-range egg yolk, at room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon salt – ONLY add if you’re using unsalted butter

225g plain flour, plus extra for rolling

100g cornflour/cornstarch


397g (14 ounce) can caramel / dulce de leche – you might not need the whole can depending on how much filling you like


  1. Beat the butter and sugar together until creamy and pale in colour. Add the whole egg, yolk and vanilla and continue to mix until combined fully.
  2. Add the salt (only add if you’re using unsalted butter) and sift in the flours. Mix until a soft dough forms. Divide the dough into two pieces and wrap in clingfilm and chill for 30 minutes or until firm.
  3. Preheat oven to 190°C / 170°C Fan / 375°F / Gas Mark 5. Line 2-3 large baking trays with parchment paper.
  4. Lightly dust a work surface with flour and roll the dough out to approx. 0.5cm thickness. Using a 6cm cutter, stamp out biscuits until all the dough has been used up. Re-roll any trimmings. Place the biscuit rounds on the baking trays.
  5. Bake the biscuits for 10-12 minutes until pale golden and sandy to the touch. Cool the biscuits on the baking trays for 5 minutes, then transport them to a wire rack to cool completely. Once cooled, use the tin of caramel to sandwich the biscuits together. Dust the biscuits just before serving with icing sugar, roll the edges in desiccated coconut or even drizzle with melted chocolate.

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112 thoughts on “Alfajores (Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies)

      1. Really hope you do- they all got eaten straight away, so that’s a really good sign! Hope you enjoy, let me know how they go 🙂

  1. Ok there is no way one can stick to just one of these. Not with all that drizzle!!! And the crumbly cookies :)). Amazing!!

  2. I’m drooling all over my keyboard here – could these look any more delish??? I guess not!

  3. The cookies are delicious. The kind you can crunch and crunch until the plate is empty. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love trying out the specialities of other countries, Jessica, especially when they’re sandwiched with caramel and smothered in chocolate like these. They would make a fabulous gift!

  5. These cookies look amazing Jess! I love caramel and chocolate – I wouldn’t be able to stop at just one cookie either – love the drizzled chocolate – so pretty!

  6. Oh man, I’ve been a sucker for dulce de leche for a long time now…and these look amazing!

  7. Hi, Jess! I didn’t know this version of alfajores; here in Spain we also have a treat with this very same name but it’s totally another story! It’s great to widen one’s knowledge through people who you share the same interests with, don’t you think? 😉
    Wow, these look absolutely amazing! I’m drooling over my laptop keyboard as I write this comment!
    Thanks for sharing another great recipe and experience!

    1. Hey Rosa, thanks for stopping by! It’s weird that the South American Alfajore cookie is totally different to the traditional Alfajor in Spain- looks like the Spanish version consists of honey and various different nuts? Really happy you like the recipe and thank you for your kind comments, always make my day! 🙂 xxx

    1. Thanks Bianca! Aren’t Alfajores super delicious and have to agree great minds think alike! Drizzled with chocolate takes these delights to the next level! 🙂

  8. Okay… These cookies look insane! I had to stop looking at them because I started to drool a bit, which is fine, but I was in public :/ Great recipe, and lovely pictures!!

    1. Thank you! Really happy you think these are drool-worthy! Really happy you like the recipe and thanks for your kind comments! 🙂

    1. Hi Michael! Really happy you like the recipe! That chocolate fudge cake looks right up my street- and the sauce is undesirable! Super delicious recipe, glad I’ve found your blog! 🙂

    1. Hi Dani! It’s weird that you can’t easily find dulce de leche in the UK- I live just outside of London and I always use ready-made caramel (bit of a cheat!). I’m sure your dulce de leche wasn’t that bad! 🙂

  9. OH. MY. I had no idea what alfajores were until I tried one at a cafe and it So buttery and crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth DELICIOUS! I didn’t think I could achieve the same perfection at home but yours look awesome!! Definitely filing these away to make for an occasion where I will be forced to give them away…because otherwise I would eat them allllll 🙂

  10. I have been wanting to take a crack at Alfajores for so long now! Your version looks fantastic, love that drizzly chocolate! Pinning!

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