A Day in Bruges: Food & Travel Highlights

So Saturday just gone, I went on an amazing day trip to Bruges. And as I love sharing my travel articles, I thought I would write an article all about the food and my time exploring this beautiful city. It was brilliant day, we travelled through three different countries in just one day and sampled some really amazing food and also saw some brilliant sites. To take you back to the start of the day, we woke up early (4:30am!) and travelled to the Channel Tunnel in Folkestone. Then it was good bye England and bonjour France just 35 minutes later. We arrived in Calais, and then travelled about an hour journey along North-Eastern France and arrived in Bruges just before mid morning local time. I was really excited to travel back to Belgium, I’ve visited once before for a Battlefield’s trip which was an amazing experience, so coming back again was really great fun. It was also my first time visiting Bruges/Brugge. The day was really lovely and Bruges is such a lovely & idyllic city worth visiting!

bruges water


The beautiful Koning Albertpark full of tulips

bruges flowers

bruges sites

bruges tower

The Belfry/Belfort of Bruges- Medieval Bell Tower

brugge lace

Bruges is famous for it’s lace making 

belgian break

Walking around the Sint-Salvatorskathedraal (Holy Savior Cathedral) 

bruges canal

ROZENHOEDKAAI- this is one of the most photographed spots in Bruges


Walking around the Markt (market square)

Now for the food…

I’ve picked my three top foods to try in Bruges. All of these foods included are street foods- so you can enjoy eating whilst walking around the city. I really love the simplicity of Belgian food, it’s edgy, quick to make and tastes really good.

Traditional Belgian Frites & Mayo

This is a traditional Belgian food- if you thought the French created this, then you’re wrong. The locals are very proud of their cuisine and as a tourist I couldn’t wait to try! Make sure you buy your Frites from a Friterie and I recommend eating the frites, or frietjes as they’re known in Flemish with some sort of condiment (we LOVE mayo, so that was our choice!), but there are other sauce choices such as ketchup, curry ketchup and tartare sauce. Enjoy whilst sitting or strolling around the Markt and soak up the atmosphere. As you can see from the picture below, the Frites are mega in Belgium, for very little money you get a really generous portion. The frites were also really well salted and the homemade mayo was the best I’ve had. I’m now going to try my best to recreate a recipe for you, so do watch out for that very soon!

frites and mayo

Classic Waffles

We were actually in a chocolate shop just by the Waterways and we noticed the shop sold waffles. I’ve had Belgian waffles from Ypres before, and these waffles were equally as tasty and very luxurious! We had a choice of chocolate sauce, caramel or whipped cream. So of course, as the Belgians are famous for their chocolate I had no other choice but to dig into a delicious and very moorish chocolate sauce-drizzled waffle. Between us, we also tried a caramel waffle and a whipped cream topped waffle (looking at the picture, they’re very generous with the cream!). I would’ve loved all the three different combinations on one waffle! These waffles were also cooked to order and you could definitely tell they were freshly made to order. Amazing, buttery, and one of my favourites for sure!


Belgian Chocolate

I think we can all agree that Belgian chocolate is probably some of, or if not the best chocolate in the world. Rich, smooth and full of so many different chocolate flavour/filling combinations. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different chocolate flavours ever before, anything from Tia Maria Cream (I love coffee and chocolate!), to hazelnut and to the classic sea shell chocolates. Also, when you go to Belgium there is literally a chocolate shop around every corner you turn- so you’re spoilt for choice! There are some benefits to travelling to Bruges at Easter, many of the chocolate shop windows are full of Easter chocolate displays- I love the tea cup full of Easter egg truffles in the below photos! Next time I’m in Bruges I will definitely visit the Chocolate museum- as I read about it and it sounds great fun.

easter and chocolate in bruges

Look at all that chocolate heaven…you can even buy your own chocolate bar to remember Brugge by! 

Even though I’ve listed three of the must try foods, you can also try looks of other things! I took a few photos as we were walking around the city…

sweet and savoury in bruges

Lots of sweet and savoury food…and how about some chic cupcakes too?

cupcakes brugge copy


I loved everything about Bruges, the atmosphere, culture, the friendly and welcoming people, and of course the brilliant food we got to try! We decided to walk around the city, but you could cycle around or tour by boat- both choices being very popular.

After one day in Bruges we’re already planning another trip back in the Summer and we would also LOVE to explore more of Belgium as well. I would definitely recommend Bruges as a lovely break. Whether it’s for one day or more, you’ll love it!

To find out more about the city click here.