Pesto Linguine with Halloumi & Roasted Tomatoes

This is my ultimate go-to comfort dish- it’s full of all my favourite foods and will take you just minutes to make from scratch. This recipe combines my love of food from my travels. The pesto pasta is inspired by Italy and the addition of halloumi and lemon brings a Greek twist and makes this pasta dish very unique! It’s the kind of pasta dish that reminds you of the summer and warm weather, perfect for remembering those long summer days eating al fresco with family and friends. My simple pesto recipe is so versatile, not only is it great tossed into the linguine, but it’s also great spread over salmon, baked with roasted veggies or served as a crostini. Trust me this recipe will become a firm favourite of yours! Enjoy!

pesto linguine with halloumi

This pesto recipe is something special. Even pesto haters LOVED the taste! Most pesto’s you buy in the supermarkets taste really gross, they’re either too artificial or have a really bitter flavour. But my tried and tested recipe is amazing, my twist on classic pesto genovese is I like to add lemon zest, for me it brings a natural freshness and a subtle sweetness.

ingredi dish

ingredients pasta dish

My love of homemade pesto is very great. It’s fresh, summery, fruity, salty and sweet and totally addictive. If you’re a fan of courgetti (or zoodles), you could use courgette in place of the linguine, so this recipe is brilliant for those who enjoy a low-carb, healthier dinner.

Ingredients- (Serves 4-6)

500g of dried linguine (you can use any other pasta, penne, spaghetti or amori also work well)

1 pack of Halloumi, cut into 8 slices 

Roasted Oregano Tomatoes- 

100g of cherry tomatoes, halved

Salt and black pepper

1/2-1tsp of dried oregano

Pesto Genovese- 

1 clove of garlic, peeled

Large bunch of fresh basil leaves, picked

1/4-1/2 tsp of fresh lemon zest

25g of pine nuts, lightly toasted 

Large handful of freshly grated parmesan

4 tbsp of good extra virgin olive oil

Salt and black pepper, to taste 


1. Cook your pasta in boiling, salted water according to the packet instructions- mine took about 10 minutes to cook until al dente.

2. To make the pesto, place all the ingredients listed in a food processor/small blender, reserving 2 tbsp of the oil. Blitz until smooth and well combined. Then stir through the extra oil and season to taste.

3. Drizzle the the tomatoes with olive oil and roast in an 180 degrees/350 F oven until blistered- for approx. 7-10 minutes.

4. Brush the halloumi slices with oil, grill until golden on both sides.

5. To assemble: Drain the pasta well, stir through the fresh pesto, then serve up into pasta bowls. Top with the roasted tomatoes, halloumi and garnish with extra pine nuts and lemon wedges. Enjoy!

pasta dish easy copy

So good, so simple and super delish! You need to give this recipe a go!

So as the Summer draws to a end, I thought it would be fun to share a selection of your favourite recipes from this Summer!

summer 2014 recipes

These recipes were colourful, tasty and super delicious and combine my love of fresh Summer fruits and locally-sourced produce. I really LOVED the Melba Crunch Popsicles especially! Also the Strawberry Shortbread Ice-Cream and Eton Mess Cheesecake brought a lil’ British twist! And as well as those, you can understand from this recipe today how much I adore simple, easy savoury recipes perfect for Summer al fresco dining!

It has been an amazing a few months full of delicious bakes, now I’m looking forward to sharing many Autumnal recipes, I’ve got lots and lots of posts lined up for you all!


104 thoughts on “Pesto Linguine with Halloumi & Roasted Tomatoes

  1. I would LOVE to have a great pesto dish ~ because I’ve never had one, and have turned away in the past because of that! A great recipe makes all the difference!

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