Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Cream & Fresh Berries

It’s my mum’s birthday this weekend, so I thought I would bake her something special. She loves basic Victoria sandwich, so I thought I would take advantage of the fresh and beautifully ripe berries and put a twist on the classic and timeless sponge cake. This cake was the first recipe I was ever taught to make by my mum and it’s the perfect bake for spring or summertime.

cake fruit

cake slice

cake decorated

This cake would be perfect to make for an afternoon tea party. It’s a real centrepiece. All the flavours all compliment each other amazingly, the light, buttery sponge with the zingy passionfruit cream filling and the fresh berries that top the cake. Once you’ve tried a slice of this cake, you’ll definitely be going back for more.

fruit cake


Sponge Cake –

200g unsalted butter, softened

200g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 large free-range eggs

200g self-raising flour, sifted

1-2 tablespoons milk or water

Passionfruit Cream –

300ml double cream

Seeds and pulp from 2 large passionfruit


1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C Fan. Line two cake 8 or 9-inch cake tins with baking parchment and set aside.

2. Start by creaming the butter, sugar and vanilla together until really light and fluffy. Add the eggs and mix to fully incorporate.

3. Sift in the flour and gently fold in with a spatula until there are no lumps of flour left visible. Then add just enough of the milk/water to loosen the mixture a little so it drops off the back of the spatula/spoon.

4. Evenly pour the cake mixture between the two cake tins, level off and then bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden and well risen and a cake tester comes out completely clean. Allow to cool in tins for at least an hour. Then remove from tins and place on a wire rack to finish cooling completely.

5. To fill the cake, lightly whip the chilled cream to soft peaks- then distribute about 2/3 of the whipped cream into another bowl and fold in the Passionfruit pulp. Spread the cream over one half of the cake. Then sandwich the other cake half on top, press down slightly. Then spread a thin layer of the remaining cream on top of the cake. Top with the fresh berries.

cake easy sponge








96 thoughts on “Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Cream & Fresh Berries

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  2. They are always so nice your cakes! I would like take a little bit just rigth now! Happy birtday to your mum, she is so Lucky to have a cake like this and a daugtter who make it, of course! 😉

    • Thanks Suzanne! Definitely will make this cake again soon for an afternoon tea party in the Summer! The berry topping cuts through the rich cream filling and every slice is really fresh too. Really pleased you like the passionfruit cream filling x 🙂

    • Thanks Jess! It was really the taste of Summer for me- super fresh and fruity! The passionfruit cream was definitely the best part with the buttery sponge. 🙂 x

    • Thanks Chris! The passionfruit cream was just a little bit of trial and error, but it definitely worked really well with the sponge and fruit topping. 🙂

    • Thanks Marcie! The fresh berries are my favourite, especially at this time of year. My Mum loved this cake, and the passionfruit whipped cream brought another Summery aspect. 🙂 x

  3. What a wonderful thing to do for you Mum. This cake is absolutely beautiful and full of delicious flavors. I love all those berries!

    • Thanks Danielle! Can’t believe you’ve never made sponge cake before?! You’d definitely love to try this recipe, it’s easy to make and you’ll have the best cake ever! 🙂 x

  4. Such a gorgeous cake! Wow, what a showstopper. And the passionfruit sounds so delicious and exotic! Your mom must be so proud of you ❤

  5. I really want to pick off all of those juicy blueberries and eat take them all for myself hehe. This cake is just beautiful! Looks like it’s out of a magazine. I wouldn’t mind one of these babies on my bday! …And of course, a happy birthday to your mum! 🙂

  6. Wow, this cake looks stunning Jessica! So sweet of you to make this for your mom, she must have loved this 🙂 All those pretty and fresh berries along with the passionfruit whipped cream sounds amazing!

    • Thank you Elizabeth! She had a brilliant day & loved the cake I made! The passionfruit cream was really amazing, cuts through the richness of the cream. x 🙂

  7. So wonderful to see this fresh hit of summer berries in your feed. Such a lovely cake and I’m definitely having cake da vu! (Couldn’t remember if I saw this in your IG feed or elsewhere?) Nonetheless it is still a stunner and I love the look of that amazing array of fruit!

    • Thanks Alice! There’s definitely going to be a lot more summery fruit recipes to come on the blog over the warmer months! I posted it on IG at the weekend! Really pleased you like the recipe- thanks for stopping by! 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Shelley! My Mum loved the cake- so that was very rewarding for me! I also really enjoyed making it too! Really pleased you like the recipe! x 🙂

  8. What an amazing cake, Jess. I just adore the way you used all those berries ❤ And that filling… OMG! You ARE a truly summery baker 😉 Your mum will surely be delighted!
    Enjoy your week and have a terrific birthday party!

    • Thanks Rosa! ❤ I loved all the berries, really vibrant and fresh flavours. The filling was equally amazing too! My Mum really loved the cake!

      Have a great week too! 🙂 xx Un beso!

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